The establishment of Royal Dutch Hoogovens and Steelworks in 1918 has drastically changed the IJmond region in all its parts. This does not only apply to the landscape, but also to the population, the road network and club life. The exhibition ‘Outside the gate’, from 28 April at the Kennemerland Museum, shows these effects.

Tata Steel and the IJmond commemorate in 2018 that exactly one hundred years ago (in 1918) the Hoogovens started. Eight sister organizations celebrate this anniversary, each of which focuses on a different aspect. Museum Kennemerland focuses on the influence of the company on the environment, the effects outside the gate.
Four themes were chosen. First the effects on the landscape and on people and society. The exhibition will be partially refreshed in September. Then the effects on regional entrepreneurship and housing construction will be shown. This will be a feast of recognition.

The exhibition mainly consists of visual materials: photographs, films, maps, fragments of interviews (rtv IJmond) and drawings made by artist Frans IJserinkhuijsen (1892-1959) on site. Aerial photographs of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, from the period 1920-1940, give a look from above. 3D images, shown with old-fashioned viewmasters, provide a wonderful experience: a fine piece of work by René Kraakman and Arie van Dongen. Art has also been thought of. For example, in three short films, the Beverwijk photographer Michel Mulder artistically explores the current boundaries of Tata Steel. Young Art artist Bram Komen, also from Beverwijk, represents 100 years of IJmonders: from grower to process operator. Four generations come to life with attributes from their own years.

The effects of the steel industry on the environment were and are great. You can see how the untouched dune area Breesaep was changed in 1918. Pounding, fire-breathing factories with high chimneys were built. Ports were dug, roads built and residential areas built. The growth was turbulent, workers flocked from far beyond the borders, poverty gave way to prosperity.

A room is dedicated to the social ‘tree’ that Hoogovens planted in the early years. A tree with 43 different fruits. Those fruits are clubs and a variety of socio-cultural activities. It is very special that they were not always only intended for their own employees, often the whole population benefited. They vary from the Kesslerhuis (holiday resort) and Hoogovens Harmony to Company Pastoral Care, Medical facilities for burns and Tata Chess Tournament.

The exhibition ‘Outside the gate’ can be seen from Saturday 28 April. At regular intervals there are lectures or additional activities.

Museum Kennemerland Noorderwijkweg 2a, corner Westerhoutplein Beverwijk
Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5 pm
Entrance fee € 5