Museum Kennemerland has the biggest collection of “Kinheim” carpets in the world.

History Kinheim

Handmade carpets Kinheim in Beverwijk from 1910 to 1973

According to the trade records, Hendrik Godefridus Polviet, started the carpet company Kinheim on September the first 1910. The company was located at Zeestraat 104 in Beverwijk. Earlier, the company was situated at the Vondellaan in Beverwijk (then called Spargielaan). Hendrik Godefridus Polvliet’s wife’s name was Mrs. C.M. . Polvliet – Van Hoogstraaten (1883-1966). Together with her husband she started the carpet company Kinheim in 1909. Kinheim carpets were handmade.