museum_250 Museum Kennemerland is housed in the former city hall of the previous municipality Wijk aan Zee en Duin. This city hall was built in 1908 – 1909 and designed by the Haarlem architect Jacob London.

Westerhoutplein 1, Beverwijk, B/P: Noorderwijkweg 2a,
1943 DK Beverwijk.

T: 0251-214507 (during opening hours)



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What does Museum Kennemerland offer?

Museum Kennemerland is a regional museum located in Beverwijk in the former town hall of Wijk aan Zee and Duin. In addition to a permanent collection, the museum also has changing exhibitions. The museum is about the history of Midden-Kennemerland. Kennemerland has had different faces in the course of the centuries. Around the beginning of the christian era it was a border area where the Romans had built a fortress to protect their Empire against invaders. Around 1700 AD the military character of Kennemerland had changed into a pleasure garden for well-to-do inhabitants of Amsterdam who came here to spend the summer in their country seats. The region developed into an area of ​​horticulture, famous for its strawberries and many industries, such as the canning industry, the Velser pottery, the Kinheim carpets and the Hoogovens. Wander through the Kennemerland Museum and see how everything has changed here from prehistoric times to the dynamics of today.